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Penguin Colony
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Boulders Pengui... - 0 Comments

Situated in historic Simon’s Town, Boulders Penguin Colony is part of the Cape Peninsula National Park. Here endangered African Jackass penguins, so named because their call resembles a donkey’s bray, live amidst the rounded rocks of Foxy Beach and are free to roam fish-filled False Bay.

Table Mountain
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Table Mountain - 0 Comments

The exhilerating ascent of Table Mountain in the cable car gives glorious 360 degree views of Cape Town. It conveys some 600,000 people anually to the summit to enjoy restaurant, souvenir shop and short walks through the indigenous flora, punctuated by occasional dassie sightings and framed by the surrounding azure Atlantic Ocean

The Big Five
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The Big Five - 0 Comments

What would a trip to Africa be without coming face to face with the Big Five – Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard in their natural habitat?

South Africa has some of Africa’s finest game lodges to choose from so venture into thorn tree and landrover country and explore!